Rotary Technology Tournament

Mar 27, 2023




We took 3 teams to the Central Bedfordshire and Luton Rotary Technology Tournament.

Senior team

Duncan Douglas, Ryan Loosley, Jamie Bradford & Rowland Omoraka

Intermediate Team

Henry Phillips, Evie Williams, Harriette Jones & Harry Perrera-Morris

Junior Team

Ewan Long,  Sam Calderbank, Kayla Johnson & Lily Turner

The day started with the teams being given a design brief. They had to design and build a remote handling device. From the brief they had to plan, design and develop their devices, at the same time maintaining a project portfolio. They had to then operate their devices in a controlled environment, while engineers from the Rotary Club were assessing them. There was a lot of positive feedback given for all three designs.

Our congratulations go out to all those who took part in the challenge.

Special praise goes out to the senior team who scooped up the Advanced Team Challenge as well as the innovation award.

Mr Bowes, Maths Department

Post by Angela