Welcome to the Sixth Form at Vandyke

Vandyke Sixth Form is a place where students can aspire and are supported to achieve their full potential.  The success of the sixth form at Vandyke is based on a number of important ingredients:  high expectations, excellent teaching, high quality support and guidance and rigorous monitoring are very important.  However, just as important is our ethos which is based on a number of important values and attitudes that we support our students to develop.  We expect them to be ambitious, self-motivated, to be resilient, have integrity, be respectful and aim for personal and academic excellence.  During the sixth form at Vandyke we want, and indeed expect students to ASPIRE and aim high.



We want our students to be ambitious academically and to develop other important skills and attributes. We expect them to aim high whether that is to university or employment. We expect them to be ambitious for our school and the Sixth Form in particular and play their part in building further on the excellent reputation of Vandyke Upper School. We want them to take every opportunity through the curriculum and enrichment opportunities to become the very best that they can be.


We expect our students to develop independent learning skills and use their own initiative, taking responsibility for themselves and their learning and progress. As a minimum, students must be spending 5 hours per subject each week on independent work outside lessons if they are to achieve their potential. This will increase during examination periods and when coursework is being completed. We want them to be proactive in securing opportunities to develop their social, personal and employability skills; to develop networks that may prove helpful in their future.


We expect our students to work hard both within lessons and in personal study time. We expect them to meet challenges and be resilient: to be able to ‘bounce back’ after disappointments or setbacks. There is no place for such phrases as “I can’t do this”. It needs to be, “I can’t do this yet, but with help and perseverance I will soon!”


We expect honesty at all times. The truth matters! We expect our students to be reliable and trustworthy; to do what is right even if it is unpopular with their peers. This sets an example to younger students and supports sixth form students in becoming positive role models.


We want them to have self -respect and be respectful to all members of the school and wider community. This goes hand-in-hand with integrity. To demonstrate that respect by how they choose to dress, attend, be punctual, meet deadlines, volunteer and show care for others, whether that be by becoming a mentor for younger students or supporting our charity fund-raising activities. To respect their environment, look after it and challenge others to do the same.


We want them to aim for excellence in everything they do. Not to settle for mediocrity or second best but to develop into successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. To be the best they can be!


 “ Students spoke highly of the support and guidance offered by staff.” (OFSTED May 2018)

Director of Sixth Form

Mrs Kerry Quinn

Email: quinnk@vandyke.cbeds.co.uk

Head of Year 12

Miss Laura Davies

Email: daviesl@vandyke.cbeds.co.uk

Head of Year 13

Miss Maurlayne Hamilton

Email: hamiltonm@vandyke.cbeds.co.uk

Higher Education Coordinator

Miss Robyn Silkstone

Email: silkstoner@vandyke.cbeds.co.uk

Sixth Form Manager

Mrs Clare Fahy

Email: fahyc@vandyke.cbeds.co.uk

Assistant Sixth Form Manager

Mrs Rachel Roberts

Email: robertsr@vandyke.cbeds.co.uk

“Students in the sixth form receive bespoke, personalised support dependent on their needs. ” (OFSTED May 2018)


We are proud of the examination achievement of our students. For the past 5 years A level results have been graded as significantly positive by the DfE.  2019 results were in the top 10% nationally (ALPS).  This means that students are making outstanding progress compared to their peers across the country.  Standards in attainment are improving every year and the table below illustrates this.

A level only 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Average points per entry 34.02 33.89 33.5 30.72
221 214 192 191
% A*- E 99 99 100 99 100 98 99
% A* – B 47 45 50 52 45 33 27

2019 A level results are here

As is the case with the majority of schools nationally, Vandyke uses the ALPS system to measure the progress and achievement of students against their potential, which is based on their GCSE prior attainment. ALPS grades the value added performance of schools on a 1-9 scale.

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
A2 ALPS grade 2 3 3 3 2
BTEC ALPS grade n/a n/a 2 3 1


ALPS grade 1    better or equal to the best score achieved in the country     Outstanding
ALPS grade 2    scoring between the 90th and 99th percentile                       Outstanding
ALPS grade 3    scoring between the 75th and 89th percentile                       Excellent
ALPS grade 4    scoring between the 60th and 74th percentile                       Very good
ALPS grade 5    scoring between the 40th and 59th percentile                       Satisfactory to good
ALPS grade 6    scoring between the 25th and 39th percentile                        Below average
ALPS grade 7    scoring between the 10th and 24th percentile                        Less than satisfactory
ALPS grade 8    scoring between the 1st and 9th percentile                             Relatively poor
ALPS grade 9    scoring below the lowest score achieved in the indicator        Poor

We are proud of the high quality and consistency of these ALPS outcomes as they indicate that students of all abilities are consistently performing in the top 10-20% of all students nationally and their outcomes are at least excellent and often outstanding.  What is most important about these outcomes, however, is that they support the majority of our sixth form students to secure places on a range of university courses, with increasing numbers attending the most prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Durham and others belonging to the Russell Group.  As well as this, students choosing alternative routes after sixth form have secured places with some of the top employers in the country such as Ernst and Young, VW, Vauxhall, BE Aerospace and many more.

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