School Uniform

We believe in the value of school uniform and insist upon high standards of dress.  After extensive consultation with students and parents/carers, the uniform was chosen with regard to what looks smart and is comfortable and appropriate for thirteen to sixteen year olds; cost and availability were also important considerations.


Uniform Requirements

  • Regulation white Vandyke polo-shirt with school logo on chest. *
  • Regulation “burgundy” Vandyke jumper or cardigan, with school logo on sleeve. Grey, black or white socks.
  • Formal dark grey or black trousers, or plain black regulation Vandyke skirt (only obtainable from Wear-2-School).  For clarity, trousers must be plain/unpatterned, tailored (not jeans, jeans-style (made of denim), or leggings or jeggings (sports style or casual); no jeans-style studs or pockets, double-stitched seams or piping on seams; no large coloured belts or buckles – a black belt is allowed.)
  • Black polishable shoes.  Shoes such as the Nike Airforce shoes that have a plain black sole and plain black logo are permitted.  Casual sport shoes of any kind, including plimsolls, black canvas trainers (such as Vans or Converse), or any other fabric trainer / soft shoe are not acceptable for school.

Please refer to these slides to see illustrations of what is and is not acceptable. Further information can be found in our current school uniform policy and the green booklet given to students on joining year 9.

* Standard school jumpers/cardigans, polo-shirts and skirts, including PE items, are available from Wear-2-School in North Street, Leighton Buzzard.

Any student not wearing full school uniform is withdrawn from lessons and parents/ carers are contacted so that the issue can be resolved promptly.

Jewellery and body piercings are inappropriate for school, as are extremes of hairstyle and make-up.  A single small sleeper or stud (one per ear – multiple earrings are not permitted), a watch, a single necklace (tucked inside the polo-shirt) and a maximum of one ring per hand are allowed.  Body piercing is limited to nose (stud) and ear, i.e. no eyebrow, lip, or other piercings are allowed (a separate policy on piercings is available from the school).  Extremes of hairstyle and make-up are not allowed.  Hair colour must be natural shades only.

If in any doubt about any of the above, please contact the school for clarification, or refer to the school uniform policy (copies also available via the school office).

The standard of PE and Sport at Vandyke is exceptionally high.  Our teams have a record of outstanding success and there is a thriving extra-curricular PE programme.  In 2019 our Y10 boys’ Futsal team were national champions.  As with our dress code, the PE department encourages a sense of pride and ‘belonging’ in PE by asking students to wear kit in school colours

Vandyke hosts the Leighton-Linslade Sports Partnership, supporting all 27 local schools in sports development.

All students are required to wear school kit as below.


Boys’ PE Kit

Burgundy polo-shirt *

Burgundy sweatshirt / hoodie *

Burgundy shorts *

Black tracksuit bottoms

Black football socks

White sports socks (indoor)

Training shoes (not plimsolls)

Football boots


Girls’ PE Kit

Burgundy polo-shirt *

Burgundy sweatshirt / hoodie *

Burgundy shorts, or skort *

Black tracksuit bottoms or sports leggings

Black football / hockey socks

White sports socks (indoor)

Training shoes (not plimsolls)

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