Vandyke Upper School travel statement


Walking or cycling to school are the best start to the day.  The more of us who walk or cycle, the fewer cars are on the roads with all the attendant benefits this brings.

Unfortunately with more children being driven to school than ever before, blocked roads and congested school gates are a familiar sight. Most children live within walking or cycling distance of school so it makes sense to promote school-run alternatives to travel by car.

We encourage students to walk or cycle for the journey to and from school or to use public transport.  Unfortunately, Vandyke is not well served by public bus routes but we do provide several of our own bus services from further afield.

By encouraging students, parents and staff to use alternatives to the car every day for the journey to and from school, there are plenty of benefits:

  • Improved safety of students due to less traffic
  • Less congestion around the school and in the local community
  • Healthier, happier, more alert students thanks to active travel like cycling and walking
  • Less pollution around the school and local area
  • Better bike storage and security at school through grants and government funding
  • Improved road traffic awareness by students
  • Greater staff health and well being
  • Improved journey reliability for staff, students and parents


We also aim to encourage a healthy lifestyle and provide initiatives for our students to make a positive contribution to our community. This works hand in hand with our school curriculum and other eco-friendly initiatives that aim to provide a healthy and environmentally aware generation for the 21st century.


School transport

If you live within our catchment area, but further than 3 miles away, free transport is provided up to the end of year 11.  This is arranged by Central Bedfordshire Council – full details here.

If you live in:  Linslade, Dunstable, Totternhoe, Eaton Bray, Billington or Sandhills estate we operate buses from these areas and places can be applied for by completing the form in this letter.

If you live in:  Aspley Guise, Woburn Sands or Heath and Reach, Marshalls Coaches run a bus service from these areas.  Please visit their website to apply for a place.

Our school travel policy can be found here.

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