Pupil premium at Vandyke Upper School


‘Pupil Premium’ is a government initiative, designed to help support students whose families have faced economic difficulties in recent times or who are dealing with the challenge of being in care.

The school currently receives an additional £1035 per annum for each student who falls into one of the categories listed below:

• A student who is in receipt of free school meals (FSM)

• A student who has received FSM in the previous six years

• A student who is looked after.

The children of service families are also eligible, although this is funded at a different level.

The school must determine how it uses this money to ensure that students are being given every opportunity to reach their full potential at school. The government believes that there is compelling evidence that, without such intervention, eligible students may fall behind their peers at school.

Further details regarding the background to the Pupil Premium grant can be found on the Department of Education’s website.

In the current academic year, the Pupil Premium grant at Vandyke Upper School is £159 390 and there are 154 students that fall into this category.

Vandyke Upper school has used and continues to use Pupil Premium funds to support a wide range of provision and services specifically in support of eligible students.

Please see the following documents:

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023 – 2024

Pupil premium case studies

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