Raising Aspirations

Here at Vandyke Upper School, we are focused on encouraging students to reach their full potential. With this in mind, we work with students on an individual basis to identify their strengths and passions and to develop their skills in these areas. Often, students have not identified their strengths until they are offered an opportunity as a springboard to showcase these.

The Vandyke Collective is a student body who work on creative projects around the school. Their primary objective is to create a culture of collaboration and support, whereby students can contribute to the school community and gain soft skills along the way. Thus, boosting their confidence and willingness to participate. This may take various forms, but students can be involved in the following schemes:

  • The student magazine - The Vandyke Collective. Either as a contributor or as part of the sub-editing team or design team.
  • Vandyke Collective Radio show in collaboration with Leighton Buzz Radio - a monthly, hour long radio show pre-recorded and then broadcast online on a Saturday at midday.
  • In class support (6th form only). This is where older and more mature students might help younger students in year 9 or at GCSE level. They will use subject specific skills and knowledge to help younger students.
  • Tutor time support (6th form only). This is where some of our sixth form students will offer support and guidance to younger students when they are choosing their GCSE options at the end of year 9 or in year 11, when they are thinking through next steps - post 16.

The Vandyke Collective

We are very pleased to share the third issue of the magazine. Please click this link or click on the magazine cover to download and read it in full.

You can also read our previous issues by clicking the links below:


A team of around thirty students work as journalists, sub-editors or as part of the design team to put together each edition of the magazine. All articles and content are chosen by the students themselves and they are very pleased with how the magazine is developing. We are always interested in showcasing local talent and skills so if you would like to be involved or if you know of someone who should feature in our next issue, please contact Mr. Cain and the sub-editing team: [email protected]

Further to this, if you would like to be involved in contributing to the magazine, the group meets every Tuesday break time in C9 - you will be very welcome.

Vandyke Collective Issue 3 cover

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