TEACHING STAFF – September 2022

Mrs S Allsopp – Drama/Student Voice
Mrs E Atkins – Modern Foreign Languages
Mr D Bateman – Science
Miss J Beckwith – Music
Mrs T Beckwith SENCO; Head of Achievement & Inclusion; Director of House; Asst HT (A & I)
Mrs J Bent – Maths
Mr M Bodo – Team Leader – History
Mrs G Bolden – English; Joint Literacy Coordinator
Mr J Bowes – Responsibility in Maths/ STEM Coordinator
Miss A Briand – Modern Foreign Languages
Mr D Brown – Music
Mrs E Brown – Assistant Team Leader – Modern Foreign Languages
Mr L Burgess – PE
Miss L Bygrave – PE
Mr S Cain – Team Leader – Media Studies
Mrs H Capel – Science
Mr T Carroll – Headteacher
Mr B Chantrell – Director of House; Assistant HT
Mrs A Chysanthou – Design & Technology
Mr D Cooksey – Assistant Headteacher; Professional Tutor
Miss E Correia – ICT
Miss G Cosstick – Team Leader – Design & Technology/Food Technology
Miss M Courage – Assistant Team Leader – Design & Technology/Food Technology
Miss L Davies – Law; Head of Year 12
Mrs S Davies – Head of Biology/ Year 11 Science; Joint PP Lead
Mr M Davis – Maths
Miss L Dayton – Design & Technology/Food Technology
Miss E Disney – English
Mr S Dodkin – History
Miss S Doe – Team Leader – Music
Miss C Doherty – History
Mrs J Douglas – Science
Mrs K Egginton – Team Leader – Science
Mrs H Elding – Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs T Galloway – Science; Head of Year 9 Science/Transition
Mr I Garbutt – Maths; Responsibility in Maths – A Level
Mr A Gerrard – PE
Miss K Gibbons – Maths
Miss A Gransden – PE
Mrs F Green – Team Leader – Health & Social Care; Duke of Edinburgh Manager
Mr S Green – History
Mrs M Hall – English
Miss M Hamilton – Psychology, Head of Year 13
Mr T Heley – Team Leader – ICT & Computing
Mrs S Hodges – Science
Mrs L Ingold – Science
Miss C Jennings – PE
Miss T Johnson – English
Ms S Knoetze – Science
Mr T Lally – Deputy Headteacher
Mr M Laroussi – Maths
Mr A Lee – Maths; Responsibility in Maths
Miss L Leeves – English; Responsibility in English
Miss J Lewis – Team Leader – Art
Miss A Mileham – Science
Miss A Mitchinson – Science
Ms P Monk – Assistant Team Leader – Geography
Mr M Moodie – PE
Mrs J Moore – Team Leader – Humanities, Team Leader – Geography, Assistant Professional Tutor
Mr D Murphy – Team Leader – Maths
Miss K Murray – English; 2ic English
Miss S Noble – Art
Miss C O’Callaghan – English; Assistant Headteacher
Mr C O’Rourke – Geography
Mrs R Page – English; Responsibility in English
Miss A Pears – Maths; Joint PP Lead
Miss M Pearson – PE; Team Leader – Life Skills
Ms S Peplow – Team Leader – English
Mr P Phillips – Deputy Headteacher
Miss E Podmore – History
Miss L Preston – PE
Ms L Punchard – English
Mrs K Quinn – Director of Sixth Form; Assistant Headteacher
Mr K Redmond – English
Ms K Rhoden – Director of House; Team Leader – Modern Foreign Languages
Mr B Rischling – Science; Joint PP Lead
Miss T Rose – English
Miss R Silkstone – English; Aim Higher Coordinator
Mrs D Simons – English
Mrs J Sizeland – Maths; Responsibility In Maths
Mr G Skelton – Director of House; Assistant Headteacher
Ms H Smith – Maths
Miss L Smith – Geography; Curriculum Careers Lead
Miss R Spendelow – PE
Mrs A Strickland – Team Leader Public Services
Miss A Symington – Team Leader – Life Skills; English
Mr R Taylor – English; Joint PP Lead
Mr J Thomson – Science; Head of Year 10 Science/Physics
Miss A Tonkin – Geography
Mr J Tuck – English; Joint Literacy Coordinator
Mr L Turney – Team Leader – PE
Miss M Williams – Maths; Raising Aspirations Lead
Mr T Winch – PE
Mr M Woods – English
Miss Z Wright – Art
Mr A Yearwood – Law

SUPPORT STAFF – September 2022

Mrs C Abblett – Teaching Assistant
Mr D Aherne – Assistant Head of Year
Mr D Alvares – Deputy Senior Site Agent
Mrs Y Atherton – Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Bailey – Assistant Head of Year
Mrs C Barden-Marshall – School Counsellor
Mrs A Bates – Student Support & Attendance Officer
Mrs A Bates – Cleaning Supervisor; Catering Assistant
Ms S Bellett – Learning Mentor
Mrs G Biswell – Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Blades – Learning Mentor
Mrs B Britton – PA to Headteacher; Clerk to the Governors
Miss L Brooker – PE and School Sport Apprentice – SSP
Mrs N Buckingham – Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Burchmore – Senior Science Technician
Miss S Butler – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Holly Buxton – Learning Mentor
Mr W Cameron-Hall – Student Behaviour Mentor
Miss L Cassettare – Learning Mentor
Mrs K Church – School Administrator
Mrs F Clay – Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Coad – Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Cocks – Finance & HR Officer
Mrs A Cook – Manager – Achievement Support Centre
Mrs S Daly – Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs C Djima – Science Technician
Mrs A Donnelly – Reprographics Technician
Mr S Draper – IT Technician
Mr S Draper – Music Technician
Mrs A Ellerton – Senior Science Technician
Mrs C Fahy – Sixth Form Manager
Miss A Fountain – Administration Assistant
Mrs L Foxley – Art Technician
Mrs E Gaskell – Head of Year
Miss H Gibbs – Duke of Edinburgh Scheme Assistant Manager
Mrs K Gillam – Food Technology Technician
Mr C Gilmour – Systems Manager
Mrs A Goodger – Welfare Assistant (medical room)
Mrs A Gorst – Finance & HR Officer
Mr J Grant – Assistant School Games Organiser – SSP
Miss H Green – Learning Supervisor
Mrs B Hadley – School Administrator (cover)
Mr P Hanlon – Assistant Site Agent
Miss S Harding – Student Support & Attendance Officer
Ms A Hirst – Data Manager
Mr T Holmwood – Learning Mentor
Mrs S Humphreys – Finance & HR Officer
Mrs V Hunt – A&I Administrator; Communications Officer
Mrs K Jackson – School Administrator
Mrs E Jardine – Senior Food Technology Technician
Mr J Josey – Senior Site Agent
Ms A Kiedrzynek – Teaching Assistant
Mr K Lavery – Facilities Manager
Mrs D Linney – Learning Supervisor
Mrs D Lord – Library Manager; Learning Supervisor; Careers/Work Experience Administrator
Mrs J Marsh – Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Melon – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Y Mileham – Head of Year
Mr J Monnet – Learning Supervisor
Mrs E Morgan – Teaching Assistant
Mr J Murray – Design Technology Technician
Mrs H O’Connell – Finance & HR Manager
Mrs M Ogun – Teaching Assistant
Ms J Parfitt – Receptionist
Mrs H Parkinson – Sixth Form Learning Mentor
Mr S Pynn – Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Quinnell – Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Roberts – Assistant Sixth Form Manager
Miss J Rollings – Learning Mentor
Mrs V Ruston – Head of Student Support; Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs R Samet – Assistant Head of Year
Miss V Sandivar – Learning Supervisor
Mrs P Scott – Assistant Exams Officer
Mr S Seymour – School Sports Partnership Manager
Mrs P Shah Patel – Science Technician
Mrs G Sharman – Examinations Officer
Mrs N Springate – Manager – Achievement Support Centre
Miss B Starling – Learning Supervisor
Miss L Taylor – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Turnbull – Student Support & Attendance Officer
Mr M Turner – Assistant Site Agent
Mrs M Verrier – Student Welfare Officer (Medical Room)
Mrs N Ward – Assistant School Games Organiser, SSP
Ms C Williams – Head of Year
Mrs O Wilson – Learning Supervisor
Mr P Wilson – Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Wood – Display Technician
Mrs M Woolhead – Finance Officer
Miss B Wright – Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Wyatt – Sixth Form Learning Mentor
Mrs J Yeoman – Assistant SENCO

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