Curriculum Intent

Our intent is that students of this subject will develop a passion for the law and discover the vital role law plays in our society. By defining our values, Law also provides a means to solve problems and disputes without resorting to violence. A-Level Law enables you to further explore the relationship between Law, Society and the Individual.

Overall, our vision is to ensure that all of our students develop the skills, character and academic understanding to become a world-ready citizen serving their community with the skills and qualifications necessary to be economically fulfilled.

The course encourages you to develop the skills necessary to analyse and solve problems by applying rules and to develop the ability to communicate arguments and conclusions clearly and succinctly. It will help you substantiate arguments and develop an enquiring and critical mind. Law is not only one of the most employable A-Levels you can study but also an excellent background for university and careers not only in law, but also in journalism, local and central government, public relations, teaching, and a range of management and business areas.

Over half of our students go on to study for a degree in Law, including many who secure places at Russell Group universities. Others have secured degree apprenticeships with top employers including the Metropolitan and Thames Valley Police, law firms and financial institutions including investment banks.

You can read our full curriculum overview here.

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