Business Studies

Qualification: A Level Business Studies (Edexcel)

Course Tutor: Miss K Riley

Course entry requirements: General A level entry requirements including a grade 5 in GCSE Business Studies AND a grade 5 in Maths.

Course description

Year 12

Theme 1: Marketing and People

Meeting Customer Needs, The Market, Marketing Mix and Strategy, Managing People, Entrepreneurs and Leader

Theme 2: Managing Business Activities

Raising Finance, Financial Planning, Managing Finance, Resource Management, External Influences


Year 13

Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategy

Business Objectives and Strategy, Business Growth, Decision-Making Techniques, Influences on Business Decision, Assessing Competitiveness

Theme 4: Global Business

Globalisation, Global Markets and Business Expansion, Global Marketing, Global Industries and Companies


Paper 1 (35%) 2 hours

Theme 1: Marketing and People

Theme 4: Global Business

Paper 2 (35%) 2 hours

Theme 2: Managing Business Activities

Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategy

Paper 3 (30%) 2 hours

Investigating business in a competitive environment.

Based on a pre-release case study – all 4 themes examined.

All examinations are taken in the summer.


There is no coursework.

Post-18 Opportunities and Employment

At the end of the course you may continue to study Business or a related subject such as Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Law, or Investment Banking in Higher Education.

The course will help your understanding of how businesses operate; the concepts learnt will be very helpful for you when applying to work for big organisations in the UK or abroad. The course can lead to a career with some big companies as it has done in the past with students who took an A level in Business. They have secured employment with companies such as British Airways, Rolls Royce, Network Rail, Coca Cola to name just a few.

If you would like more detailed information about the content of this course, please visit the Business Studies curriculum page, where you will find curriculum maps for each year of study.

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