Art and Design

Qualification: A Level Art & Design (AQA)

Course Tutor: Miss J Lewis

Course entry requirements: General A level entry requirements including a Grade 5 or above in art or by portfolio.

Course description

This is a two year A level course.

The skills you will develop will be varied. Among them, will be a working knowledge of materials, practices and technology within art. You will develop the skills to interpret and convey your ideas and feelings using a range of techniques such as drawing, photography, and traditional media. You will develop imaginative and creative powers, as well as experimental, analytical and documenting skills.

Art and Design is a practical course where observational drawing is a vital element and this will need to be evident in your journals/sketchbooks.

Students should be prepared to visit museums and galleries to support their studies and make use of the sixth form studio.


Component 1 (60%) - A coursework portfolio based on classroom workshops, a mock project, and then a sustained and substantial personal investigation on a theme or subject chosen by you, following discussion with teachers.  The personal investigation must be accompanied by an essay.

Work assessed based on the following evidence: the development of ideas; use of media, experimentation and quality of making; primary observation and drawing skill; application of learning and final pieces.


Component 2 (40%) In February of year 13, a range of themes or topics as starting points will be set by AQA. You have a period of time through the spring term to develop your ideas by applying your learning from component 1. This component terminates in a 15 hour long practical session, usually across three school days.

Components 1 and 2 are internally assessed and externally moderated.

Post-18 Opportunities and Employment

With further training or study students go into careers including, advertising, publishing, design, hair and beauty, architecture, fashion and textile industry, museums, T.V, theatre or art gallery work, amongst other areas.

Whatever you choose, the study of art can help you develop transferable skills, which you can take into any career or job.

If you would like more detailed information about the content of this course, please visit the Art curriculum page, where you will find curriculum maps for each year of study.

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