3D Design

Qualification: A Level 3D Design (AQA)

Course Tutor: Miss G Cosstick

Course entry requirements: General A level entry requirements including a grade 5 in GCSE Product Design or Art and Design.

Course description

This is a two year A level course. 3D Design is a course directed towards the world of design including product design, architecture, environmental design, interior design and jewellery/body ornament design. The course also covers many aspects of advertising, marketing and manufacturing. You will spend time looking at many different aspects of design through a range of themes and projects.

Observational drawings is a vital part of the course and this will need to be evident in sketchbooks and design sheets.

During the course you will be handling a wide range of media and learning to communicate your ideas. You will begin to understand the effects of good and bad design on both the environment and the individual. You will learn to use a wide range of CAD/CAM including both 2D & 3D drawing programmes and CAM techniques such as 3D rapid prototyping. You will be expected to demonstrate an awareness of intended audience or purpose for your chosen area in 3D design and develop an appreciation of the relationship of form and function. You will need the ability to respond to a concept, work to a brief, theme or topic. You will learn how to use a variety of appropriate tools and equipment safely and understand different working methods such as model-making, constructing and assembling.

You will undertake a range of design and make tasks and be expected to produce design folders to support your practical projects. During the second year this course will allow you to specialise in your chosen field allowing you to build a design portfolio for your future career in design. You will focus on a chosen artist that inspires a final major project, developing a final body of work.


Year 1 Will be spent producing a wide range of projects and developing your design and practical skills.

Year 2 Will comprise of your major coursework project and an externally assessed assignment. This is produced to a given brief and includes a 15 hour practical exam.


Component 1 Portfolio. NEA, A design portfolio and major practical task. This can be in your chosen area of focus.

Component 2 Externally set design and make assignment to include 15 hours of supervised time.

Post-18 Opportunities and Employment

Everything we do, use and come into contact with has been designed and made. A Level 3D Design can be used as a preferred qualification for a huge range of design based university courses and careers, i.e. Product Design, Fashion Design, Advertising, Architecture, Graphic Design, Theatre Design to name just a few.

Along with Maths and Physics this is a suitable qualification for entry onto engineering degrees. Designers, engineers and architects are some of the highest paid people in the world and we are currently seeing a massive shortage of skilled designers and makers. This course provides the first steps on a rewarding and exciting career path.

If you would like more detailed information about the content of this course, please visit the Design Technology curriculum page, where you will find curriculum maps for each year of study.

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