Child Development

Curriculum Intent

Students taking the Child Development course will gain the baseline knowledge and skills in order to access higher level study in the area of Child Development or Health and Social care.

They will also gain baseline knowledge of how child development links with a number of career paths, and good basic knowledge and skills that will help them to become a good parent in the future.

There are opportunities for students to study a Child Development or a Health and Social Care Level 3 course in the 6th form and students are signposted towards these qualifications during lessons and during parent consultation opportunities. Wall displays show students how they can progress through GCSE, A Level and then onto Careers within child development or connected to aspects of child development. Furthermore, there are specific lessons that look at job roles such as Midwifery, Nursing, Social worker etc.

Outside of the classroom, students are asked to complete a child study in which they must observe a child outside of school, plan and implement 2 play activities and then evaluate their work.

You can read our full curriculum overview here.

Curriculum maps - Child Development

Curriculum maps - Children's Play, Learning and Development

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