Turing House

House values:  Innovative, Resourceful, Tenacious

Head of House: Miss Preston

Tutor Groups:

9JLS - 9COE - 9DDS - 9AMM
10MWS - 10LDN - 10LBS - 10ZWT
11MLI - 11LPN - 11SHS - 11ALE

Who is Alan Turing?

Alan Turing OBE was an established Mathematician and computer scientist. He is most recognised for his work in World War II, where he was responsible for breaking the Nazi Enigma code. This work played a key part in allowing his allies to win the war in Europe. The work of Alan Turing formed the foundations of the technology we now use daily, with Turing creating one of the first computers. Faced with much adversity in his life, Turing can be admired for his innovations, determination and resilience.


What does Turing represent?

Alan Turing represents the values of being innovative, resourceful and tenacious.

Painting of Alan Turing created by the Year 9 Art Club.

Alan Turing - Turing House

An introduction from Miss Preston – Head of Turing, Teacher of PE

On my journey to becoming a PE teacher, I worked in the fitness industry teaching exercise classes and coaching youth football teams in disadvantaged communities. I have always had a passion for competition, stemming from a sport filled childhood which led to representing the North of England as a sprinter. I have been a teacher at Vandyke since 2020, after making the move south from my hometown of Hull.

Outside of school, I spend most of my time being active – in the gym, walking, running or playing recreational sports. I enjoy spending time watching live sport, including athletics and football.

As Head of House, I am proud to represent the work of Alan Turing. His ability to create ground breaking innovations while overcoming adversity in his personal life is admirable and his determination is something that we can all strive to emulate.

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