Simmonds House

House values:  Strength, Inspiration, Dedication

Head of House: Mr Winch

Tutor Groups:

9TWH – 9JBT- 9MHL – 9SKE
10TGY – 1010DLY - 10TJN – 10KGS
11SCN – 11CCU - 11GCK – 11TRN

Who is Ellie Simmonds?

Ellie Simmonds is a Paralympian who competed in the pool at 3 different Paralympics. At Aged 13 she competed for Great Britain and has won 5 Gold medals in a range of swimming events. Ellie has a condition called Achondroplasia, which is a genetic disorder whose primary feature is dwarfism. However she did not let this get in the way of her aspirations for sporting glory.


What does Simmonds represent?

Ellie Simmonds represents the values of strength, inspiration and dedication and the academic principles of physical activity.

Painting of Ellie Simmonds created by the Year 9 Art Club.

Ellie Simmonds - Simmonds House

An introduction from Mr Winch – Head of Simmonds, Teacher of PE

Growing up in rural Lincolnshire I had always aspired to be a PE teacher from a young age. I took up my main passion of Rugby after England won the World Cup in 2003, having now played for 18 years working my way through county and Leicester Tigers development pathways I now play for Leighton Buzzard Rugby Club.

I am heading into my third year of teaching at Vandyke and look forward to many more! In my spare time I like to challenge myself with my new hobby of golf or entertaining my dog Billy.

As Head of our house, I am very proud of our association with Ellie Simmonds - not just because of her abilities in the Paralympics, or her remarkable life story… but because she shares the same passion for the benefits of Physical Activity.

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