Seacole House

House values:  Empathy, Commitment and Organisation

Head of House: Miss Spendelow

Tutor Groups:

9SNE – 9LLS - 9KMY – 9SGN
10RPE – 1OKRD – 10JBH – 10RSW
11ABD – 11SDK – 11AGD – 11MPN

Who is Mary Seacole?

Mary Seacole was a British Jamaican nurse and businesswoman who set up the British hotel behind the lines during the Crimean War. In 1855 she assisted the wounded at the military hospital and was a familiar figure at the transfer points from casualties from the front. She provided succor for the wounded service men on the battlefield, nursing many back to health. She even turned her home into a hospital. Seacole was named by soldiers as ‘Mother Seacole’.


What does Seacole represent?

Mary Seacole represents the school values of empathy, commitment and organisation.

Painting of Mary Seacole created by the Year 9 Art Club.

Mary Seacole - Seacole House

An introduction from Miss Spendelow – Head of Seacole, Teacher of PE

Before starting at Vandyke in June 2021, I studied both my Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree at the University of Bedfordshire. Since a very young age my passion has always been sports, especially football, and my goal is to pass on this passion to the younger generation through teaching Physical Education.

During my spare time I enjoy exercising and playing sports, especially football, and play for a local team. If I am not playing sports, I will either be watching them, socialising with my friend or spending time with my family.

As a Head of House, I am very proud of our association with Mary Seacole. Seacole will always be remembered for her endless amounts of compassion, empathy and commitment and is a perfect role model for students at Vandyke.

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