Year 9 STEM Club

May 24, 2021




STEM club is a positive and enthusiastic group of people working together, learning yet having fun while doing so, therefore we find it highly entertaining and enjoyable.  During STEM club, we design and build many cool things. At first, when not so many people attended, we built elastic band powered cars. We built many prototypes to perfect our designs then eventually changed them to run fan powered. It was interesting to see how the different designs affected the speed of the car. A couple were incredibly slow and sadly this time slow and steady did not win the race. They worked well though and we had a great time making them.

During lockdown, we continued to run STEM on Google Meet calls and made bionic hands out of cardboard, straws and string. They worked pretty well but we decided the  materials needed to be stronger for them to work properly. After that, still during lockdown, we started looking at nets of the Platonic solids to prepare for making them once we were back at school.  Once we did return, we built some of the Platonic solids using lollypop sticks, which was an interesting experience; the by-products of the effort were a tetrahedron and various other solid shapes, which more or less went well. While some turned out accurate enough, another almost went horribly wrong due to a protractor being used incorrectly, which caused quite some hilarity within the members of the club.

Most recently, we made aeroplanes out of balsa wood. They were more difficult to make than we originally thought and not all were a success. We decided that the balsa wood was too thick, making it not malleable enough to  create the shape needed to perfect the planes. After changing up the design, the planes flew a lot better.  Currently we are working on powered gliders. We have  calculated the wing dimensions, sides and weights, and have planned the phase with all the sides and weights being calculated. The wing design has been completed and build starts soon.

Isabel Cundell and Harry Perera-Morris, Year 9 Students

Post by Angela