Year 13 Music Performance

Mar 28, 2022




It felt like a monumental occasion to have the Year 13  Commercial Music class perform live in the school theatre on 15th March, following the cancellation of their GCSE  performance exam evening in March 2020. With this weighing on the students’ minds throughout the planning and rehearsal process that began in January this year, they were as enthusiastic as ever to really put on a show and give the audience a great time – and this is exactly what they did.

At 6pm the theatre was busy with   fellow students and family members who were rooting for these wonderful musicians, showing their support by clapping and cheering them on. The first to kick-off the show was Ellen Baxter, who pushed her cello-playing to new limits with the inclusion of a loop  pedal to create her own ‘live backing tracks’, combining  percussive hits of the cello body with bowed bass lines. Elizabeth Joyce took the audience on an emotional ride, with hard-hitting ballads such as Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Because of You’. This was followed by Emily Smith’s eclectic mix of a set that included the likes of Chopin, Bowling for Soup, as well as an original song that demonstrated her song writing prowess. To finish the evening, Madi Bishop, Toby Arnold, Ethan Hill, Theo Quick and Ben Lucas took to the stage with a set of 90’s classics that took myself and Miss Beckwith immediately back to our childhood years!

We would like to reiterate a huge well done to you all. You really stepped up to the mark and should be so incredibly proud of yourselves – congratulations.

 Miss Doe, Team Leader of Music

Post by Angela