Year 13 Law Work Experience

Jun 24, 2019




I had the fulfilling opportunity recently to undergo work experience with Usmani King. This work experience was based on criminal law – visiting multiple local courts such as Luton Magistrates Court and Aylesbury Crown Court. Each day I shadowed a different individual; some who stood as Duty Solicitors in the Magistrates Court waiting for defendants who need their aid, to prosecutors and defenders who had to bring forth evidence for the jury during trial. I fortunately got to see each process of a case during the week, whether that be from   defendants pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity and going straight to sentencing, or pleading not guilty and going forward with a trial.

As well as seeing individuals from Usmani King in practice, they each gave me personal experiences and talks about law which I was very grateful to hear. They gave personal advice on the studying process at university and the Legal Practice Course or Bar Professional Training Course they took. This gave me a real insight into what higher education in law would be like.

Day by day I learned something new about law, not only in theory but how to apply it in practice and, throughout the week, my love for law only grew fonder. Despite the court being a rather daunting place for both victims and defendants, all lawyers portrayed great passion and happiness for their job. Optimistically, I hope that my same passion for this subject can be imprinted on my future dream job as a solicitor or barrister.

Mary Joy Prosser, Year 13 Law student

Post by Angela