Year 13 Hustings

Dec 10, 2019




In lieu of what will be the Nation’s unprecedented third General Election over the past five years, (not to mention two Referendums), politics has sparked the interest of many Year 13 students. In order to supplement a re-enactment of the registration process and tutor time research activities: “learn the Lingo!” and “Promises, Promises!”, four keen Year 13 students took centre stage on 26th November, to deliver what were compelling arguments for voting during their enrichment assembly.

The candidates were as follows:

  • Callum Betley, AKA Betley Johnson for the Conservative Party
  • Abygail Brown, AKA Abygail Corbyn for the Labour Party
  • Jess Dhillon, AKA Jess Berry for the Green Party
  • Joseph Edwards, AKA Joseph Swinson for the Liberal Democrats


Working hard to keep the candidates in line was our Speaker, Rhiannon Stiller. She produced an engaging PowerPoint, which kept candidates to strict timings, and tabled important areas of discussion: Brexit, Healthcare, Climate change, Immigration and Education.

All dressed colour appropriately and wore rosettes; some even mimicked the body language! Questions from the audience were thought-provoking and students reflected on how informative the session was.

Miss Davies, Head of Year 13

Post by Angela