Year 13 Commercial Music Photo Shoot

Jan 24, 2022




On the 16th November the Year 13 Commercial  Music students had the opportunity to visit ​Studio Infinity, a professional photography studio ​in Leighton Buzzard.

Students were lucky enough to spend thirty minutes with a photographer who worked one-to-one with them to create professional headshots for the students to use for their music portfolios both in school and in the future.  With many photographs to choose from, the students were able to select their favourite two images that the photographer  edited for them to keep.

The photographer was kind enough to also allow a group photo of five students in the class who have formed a function band; this professional image will provide the band with a strong image to advertise their act to local music venues. ​

The trip was designed to enable students to experience a real-life setting that would be reflective of being a performing artist in the music industry, so the opportunity and photographs will be valuable to our students who now understand how important it is to secure a strong image.

Overall, the experience was amazing and it was lovely to see the class come together to support each other; we are sure this will remain in their memories for years to come.

 Miss Beckwith, Music Department

Post by Angela