Year 12 Travel & Tourism Students visit Brighton

Mar 11, 2019




In February, Year 12 students on the BTEC Level 3 Travel and Tourism course visited the prepossessing coastline of Brighton.

Aside from soaking in the sun and immersing themselves in the town’s unique culture, the students took part in some investigative journalism, whereby they took to Brighton’s famous Lanes to ask tourists “What it is that makes Brighton such an appealing tourist destination?”.

 Students were also provided with the opportunity to visit some of Brighton’s most renowned attractions, such as the imposing Royal Pavilion.

One student stated that the trip to Brighton allowed them to “engage and understand the motives of tourists in a way that seeing it online or in a textbook couldn’t teach”. This being the case, one can only assume that this trip was both enjoyable and highly valuable to all the Year 12 Travel and Tourism students.

Joseph Edwards, Year 12 Student

Post by Angela