Year 12 Travel and Tourism trip to Brighton

Apr 23, 2018




Year 12 Travel and Tourism trip to Brighton

Last term we went to Brighton as part of the Travel and Tourism BTEC in order to collect primary information on whether Brighton meets the needs of tourists and what improvements the city needs to make in terms of its tourist provision.

To do this we designed questionnaires and used them to interview tourists as we walked around the city. We asked over 20 people, including tourists, residents, and people who worked there.

Questions included: “How did you get here today?” and “In your opinion, what are the strengths and weaknesses of Brighton?”.  We got a good range of results and information for our BTEC.

While we were there, we had fish and chips and doughnuts on Brighton Pier, played in the arcades and visited the shops in The Laines, where the highlight was a trip to the Choccywoccydoodah chocolate shop.

Year 12 students

Lucy McLeod, Kerry Eaton, Curtis Cutler and Lauren Dykes

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