Year 12 Reading Challenge

Nov 16, 2020




As part of our new Year 12 tutorial programme and school-wide initiative, each tutor group was set a challenge prior to half term to read as much as they could over the course of a fortnight. Each tutee logged pages/hours of reading – both curricular and extra-curricular material, with tutors totalling and handing the results to Miss Davies at the end of the fortnight.

The challenge was invigorated with an inspiring   talk from Mr Tuck, Vandyke’s #ReadyToReadMore Leader, in the Theatre during enrichment. He spoke to the students with enthusiasm about the joy of reading books and the impact a book has to transport you back to a previous experience (even from its smell/texture!)

Mrs Green’s tutor group were victorious and received breakfast as a prize.  Each tutor nominated their Star Readers, who all received certificates for Outstanding Contribution to the challenge. Our absolute Star Readers Loki Chappell and Heather Shepherd received a book each, in addition to certificates.

The challenge has led to the forming of a Book Club, to be run by Mr Mitchell and Mr Tuck on a Monday after school for Sixth Form learners.

#VandykeReads  #ReadyToReadMore

Miss Davies, Head of Year 12

Post by Angela