Year 10 Science Trip to Wadham College, Oxford University

Jun 13, 2022




In May, 15 Year 10 students travelled to Wadham College at Oxford University to experience a taste of university life.

The trip gave students the opportunity to see the university, explore what life as a student is like, experience the academic environment, and  consider what they could do to put themselves  in  the  best position for university in the future.

As part of the day, students took part in an Escape Room type chemistry challenge.  A Chemistry Lecturer had been poisoned and students had to work through a  series of challenges to find the antidote. This challenge enabled students to work as a team and pool their scientific knowledge to complete 7 challenges. All groups managed to gain the combinations to open the box, but did not quite manage to gain access to the antidote.

They also had a tour of Wadham College and a super lunch, a thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all.

Mrs Davies, Head of Biology

Post by Angela