Year 10 Public Services trip to Aylesbury College

Jan 09, 2023




On Friday 25th November, our Year 10 Public Services group completed a day out to Aylesbury College for an insight into first aid protocols for emergency services. The day began by the group attempting to list as many emergency services as they could think of, as well as a discussion surrounding the National Health Service (NHS) and their duties within day to day life as a key worker.

After a short break, they were split into small groups by which they were given a suitcase full of weighted vests, goggles with limited vision, and given areas such as a hospital bed and bathrooms. This was to simulate being an old person! Using communication and leadership skills, the groups had to direct participants through each area safely. After a quick change, the group demonstrated ways to support someone who may be unconscious and look at ways to provide CPR. Again, using small groups allowed some really positive and new experiences to be learnt by all.

After lunch, continued strategies for CPR were then used on dummies! Dependent on timing and positioning of hands during the process, the dummy would light up in a series of colours, signifying blood and oxygen travelling to the brain. Once this was complete, it was time to depart. Overall, it was a fantastic day for Year 10 Public Service students with lots of positive and new experiences had by all.

Mr Burgess, Teacher of PE & Public Services & Team Leader – Mrs Strickland



Post by Angela