Vandyke GCSE results 2018

Aug 23, 2018




Vandyke GCSE results 2018


Hats off to the class of 2018!  So said Vandyke headteacher Tim Carroll as students opened their GCSE results on Thursday.  “So many students have worked so hard and deserve their successes this morning,” he said.  “They have done brilliantly.  It is the first year when in most subjects the reformed courses are graded 9 to 1 and there has inevitably been some anxiety about the changes and being the first cohort through.  They have more than met the challenge and have been a super group of students to work with.  Staff understandably feel proud of them and their achievements today.”

Will Fitzsimmons said that his results “blew his mind” as he scored the new top grade 9 in all three Sciences, Maths and both English Literature and English Language.  “I collected my results but I wanted to open them on my own first.  I did tons of revision and my teachers were always there to help so I felt well prepared.  I am going into the Sixth Form to study Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Further Maths.”

Rhiannon Stiller said, “I felt a bit shaky coming into school for my results but now I am ecstatic.  I am especially happy with my 7 in French and I got 8 in Maths and 9 in both of my English courses and 8 and 9 in Double Science.  I am in shock I think!  I worked really hard and I hit my peak at the right time.”  Rhiannon will be studying History, English Literature, Philosophy and Maths in the Sixth Form.

Josh Huntley will be studying Travel & Tourism with Psychology and English next year.  “My 9 in English Literature is an amazing result,” he said.  “But I am most pleased with my 7 and 6 in Science because I struggled in Science and so glad to have made it through with good grades.”

Mary Joy Prosser said,”I am so excited to be going to Sixth Form now.  I will be studying Law, Psychology, Business Studies and Finance.  I did well in my mock exams but these were for real.  I was not too anxious waiting to get my results because I knew I had done my best and had prepared as well as I could.  I went to lots of revision sessions in school but got a lot done on my own also.  I am especially pleased with a 6 in Maths and the 7 and 6 in the two Sciences.”

“I was not phased by the long wait for the results,” said Lauren Bisby.  “My 9 in History is most pleasing but I am delighted also with my grade 8s in Maths, English Literature and English Language.  I am going to do Media Studies, Psychology, Maths and Geography next.”

“It was a tense morning for me,” said Luke Brown.  “But I am happy with my results especially 8 in English Literature and lots of 7s.  I enjoyed most of my lessons because I have a drive for knowledge and the subjects are interesting.  I am looking forward to specialising in the Sixth Form though and will be taking English, Chemistry and Biology.”

Abi Moore had been nervous waiting to get the results.  “I was with my friends and they waited while I opened my envelope.  I was worried I might not get the grades to get into Sixth Form but I have.  I am excited about joining the Sixth Form and I will be studying Health & social Care, Law, Media Studies and English Language.”

Tim Carroll added, “For students from all starting points the results today are terrific.  For the school, after outstanding A level results last week, GCSE results are record-breaking with a remarkable 40% of students gaining the highest grades 9-7 in English – that’s A*/A in old money.  85% gained 9-4 in English – that’s the old A*-C measure – while in Maths 69% gained 9-4 and 71% gained 9-4 in at least two Science subjects.  Lots of subjects have the best results ever making it an impressive performance by students across the piece.  Drama, French, Geography, History and Media Studies are particular strengths with outstanding results.  Many students now go on to the Vandyke Sixth Form while others move on to college or apprenticeships.  We wish them all well.”

Tim Carroll

23 August 2018

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