Uniformed Protective Services trip to Ivinghoe

Dec 13, 2022




On 23rd November, the uniformed protective services students completed a day out trek to Ivinghoe Beacon to practice our expedition skills where teamwork, leadership, communication and cooking were also demonstrated.

We started out having to split into groups (two teams) and practice the phonetic alphabet. We would use the radios and write down what we heard. This enhanced our communication and listening skills.  We then had to do orienteering and follow the map to navigate us around Ivinghoe Beacon and swap the main rucksack around every half an hour. We additionally had to take note of any changes throughout the day and record this information as well as carrying out tasks. This would give us extra points and kept us alert and tested our observation skills, and knowledge of the phonetic alphabet which we have been learning in our lessons.

Lunch time came and we had to use the stoves to cook lunch. People brought pot noodles, hot chocolate and even gravy as a hot drink. To do this we had to travel up the hill and retrieve a jug of water to use from the school bus. Overall, the trip was fantastic and it certainly tired us all out.


Jamie Bolam, Year 13


Post by Angela