Switch Off Prejudice

May 08, 2018




Switch Off Prejudice

We have been working with the Anne Frank Trust on an anti-hate crime project since January 2017. The Switch Off Prejudice campaign is the most recent part of this project, which has given us an opportunity to create a digital marking campaign to tackle the issue of hate crime on social media. Before Easter, 30 students, including the Year 10 ambassadors and 50 Year 9 students, worked together to discuss the key issues surrounding prejudice. This offered a starting point for the Switch Off Prejudice campaign as we were able to distil the key causes of prejudice in order to consider how to tackle them.

The second session in this project saw the Year 10 ambassadors working closely with Val Ross from the Anne Frank Trust and a film-maker. We were able to brainstorm campaign ideas before working collaboratively on the slogan and the concept for the film. It was plenty of fun filming our campaign around the school site, and we were able to demonstrate skills in leadership, communication not to mention creativity. The slogan for our campaign was ‘You have a choice, make the right one’. The film symbolised the importance of the project, because people need to be aware of the mental turmoil that victims of hate crime go through.

Val Ross from the Anne Frank Trust said ‘It has been inspiring working with the Vandyke Ambassadors’. She also believes that our slogan embodied the school values of Respect, Responsibility and Courage.  This project has given us some great experience not to mention brilliant insights into the anti-hate crime work done by Bedfordshire Police alongside the Anne Frank Trust. Having worked closely with both organisations and considered the challenges in our own school and wider community, the main message we want to promote to all students is – next time, think before you post, speak or act because hate causes harm.

Sabi Maranda & Isabelle Thyer,

Year 10 students

Post by Joe