Support for Hello Yellow

Nov 01, 2022




Vandyke Sixth Form came together on Friday 14th October to show their support for world mental health day. The senior student team organised for every student to come in wearing at least one item of yellow clothing. The main motive was to raise money for the charity ‘Young Minds’ and also create more awareness around mental health. This also worked to show anyone suffering with mental health problems that they are not alone and we recognise their bravery.

Young Minds is the leading UK charity that gives ongoing mental health advice to young people and the adults in their lives. Their aim is to see a world where no young person feels alone with their mental health. The charity recognises that there are more young people than ever before seeking support and some are not getting the help they need. Vandyke knows that the right decision has  been made choosing this charity. We have worked with them for four years and see no change in that for the foreseeable future.

Miss Hamilton, who has taken the lead on the organisation of Hello Yellow, explains the significance in the choice of this colour.

“From a psychological perspective the colour yellow has many physical effects such stimulating our nerves, glands, and brain, making us more alert and energised,” explains Miss Hamilton. “It encourages communication and promotes interaction. So the colour sends the message that we see you and care. I see Hello Yellow as an opportunity to open up or start conversations on mental health and support in a safe way.” She then went on to highlight the positive effects the day has had: “It brings the Sixth Form together and over the years we have had many students seek support after the event.”

Overall we can sum up Hello Yellow as a success. The Sixth Form team and school showed our support towards young people overcoming mental health issues.

Megan Groves, Year 12 student 

Post by Angela