Superb Performance of We Will Rock You

Jan 24, 2022




At the beginning of the school year, an eager group of musical theatre-loving students embarked on a term-long rehearsal process to culminate in a full-scale production in December of We Will Rock You – school edition; a musical that celebrates the music of Queen.

All students who wanted to be involved in the show were included in the cast, which saw over eighty students across Years 9 to 13 as part of the theatre company.  Everyone was required to rehearse every Monday from September to December, which revolved around learning lines, choreography, singing the songs and setting scenes.

Sixth Form students, Jared Walsh and Jasmine Figg, took on the charismatic roles of Galileo Figaro and Scaramouche, immediately captivating the audience and taking them on a journey to rediscover the lost rock music. A live band consisting of students and staff members, were able to bring the songs to life and accompany the cast along the way, to culminate in a rocking finale of We Will Rock You, We are the Champions and Bohemian Rhapsody.  The technical team in control of the  lighting, sound effects and set design worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to enable the show to come to life.

Head of Music, Miss Doe said “The cast were a pleasure to work with and the friendships they formed throughout were a real highlight. The show was sold out with a restricted capacity  audience for three nights and we are so proud of everyone involved. Thank you to those who came to watch and support our wonderful cast.”

Post by Angela