Students continue to produce outstanding work

Jun 14, 2021




Students returned after the half-term break and   began their new timetables with Year 9 students beginning their option courses. Both before the break and again on their return we have spoken very clearly about expectations for uniform and phone use.  The small number of students who do not yet always follow our simple and reasonable expectations in these respects have responded well but we now need to see this sustained.  I spoke in assembly last week and talked about getting the simple, small things right and everything falling into place. I feel great pride in the way that the overwhelming majority of Vandyke students conduct themselves and enjoy being in school.

We are approaching the conclusion of a gruelling period of School Assessed Grades for our Year 11 and Year 13 students given the cancellation of GCSE  and  A  Level  exams  again  this  summer. Gruelling for students but also for staff in terms of additional workload.

Students have worked hard and in many cases  produced work of a remarkable standard.  A Level Product Design portfolios and artefacts are a case in point.  What students have done over such a disrupted period of time is quite inspiring and applies equally in other areas.  I know that we have a robust process that has  been implemented with rigour and integrity and will lead to students gaining the grades that their performance warrants.

Results days are on 10th and 12th August.  Details of how students will get their results were outlined in  my letter of 28th May.  All letters to parents/carers are available on the school website if you ever need to refer back.

Mr Carroll, Headteacher

Post by Angela