Dec 13, 2022





This has been a challenging week and student safety and their well-being are paramount.  The icy conditions have not made it safe to have large numbers of students here, a situation compounded by the mock exams.  At the same time we have sought to maintain learning, in school where possible and otherwise online.

Due to the snowfall on Monday morning and continuing icy conditions we regrettably have had to limit the number of students on site.  Y11 and Y13 students have been in school, as Y11 have their mock exams and Y13 are approaching their A Levels.  500 students has been a sufficient number of people moving around the school site given the conditions and that all outside sports facilities are under snow and not accessible and indoor facilities are unavailable due to exams (sports hall, activity hall and dance studio).  Online learning has been working well. Many students have conscientiously logged on and some great work is being produced.


Year 9, Year 11, Year 12 & Year 13

As of Wednesday we are able to bring back more students into school, so Y9 and Y12 students will now be able to return to school. Please note that there will not be any practical PE lessons for the remainder of this week.


Year 10

Unfortunately, we will need to continue to teach Year 10 online because it is not safe to accommodate all students here given the conditions that rule out using some outside facilities. We are also limited with our indoor spaces due to the Y11 mock exams.

Should any Y10 student need to be in school please inform  so we can supervise them here.  Teachers will continue to teach online lessons for Y10 classes according to the normal timetable (week B).

Given the weather forecast, these arrangements are likely to continue for the remainder of the week.


On Friday, Y12 students finish at morning break, Y13 students finish after assembly at around 12 midday and all other students finish at 12.15pm with buses arriving early.  On Friday morning, only Y11 students who have an exam need to come into school and they will be able to leave at the conclusion of their exam.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Post by Vicky Hunt