Nov 30, 2020




The Sixth Form at Vandyke has supported the charity ‘Smile Malawi’ for over ten years, raising over £25,000 to help build and develop an orphanage and school for street kids from the capital Blantyre, providing them with the personal, educational and emotional care and support they need to recover from their traumatic experiences.

Last week we started Smile Malawi 2020, and we’re thrilled to announce that we raised £1005.60.  We are well on track to make the SMILE Malawi event a record breaking year! Sixth Form delivered with some great costumes, the likes of Princesses, Dragons and film stars made an appearance. In February we will have the full Smile Week, to raise the awareness to the whole school community about the plight of ‘street kids’ in Malawi.

In February The Senior Student Team will be putting on events throughout the week at breaks and lunchtimes to raise money for the cause. These will be Covid friendly and accessible to all year groups.

Director of Sixth Form, Mrs Quinn, was delighted with the achievements of the Sixth Form  students. “The Senior Student Team are  brilliant ambassadors for our school – they have developed superb project management skills throughout this term and this has  really paid off in their fundraising successes for our partner charity. They created an Instagram account, an assembly and posters to promote the non-uniform day and we were delighted that so many students across the school took part. Students are now working hard to come up with a master plan for the slightly delayed fundraising week in February. If anyone can do it, it is this group of remarkable young people. ”. 

Additionally, Sixth Form Manager, Clare Fahy, divulged Smile Malawi’s excitement regarding our cohort’s success. “I have recently heard from  Elspeth Baecke, who runs the orphanage in Malawi. They hadn’t anticipated that we would be able to raise money this year and are delighted to hear the good news that we will be able to donate these funds towards their work.  It has been a difficult year for the orphanage, and now more than ever it is vital that we do everything we can to support them.”

Overall, the team was ecstatic with the participation of both Sixth Form, younger years and teachers.   We are already 1/4 from reaching this year’s goal, therefore, we look forward to carrying on our  fundraising and introducing some new and old events in 2021.

Molly Tooman and Leah Quinn, Year 13 Students

Post by Angela