Ski Trip to Sestriere, Italy

Apr 27, 2023




Vandyke’s first ski trip was to the Alps in the Milkyway circuit. The trip had many unexpected adventures due to some unfortunate delays at Dover and so the trip began with a lovely morning beach walk along Dover seafront. Once we made it across the channel students enjoyed a ‘Tour de Calais’ and morning walk following a lovely stay in a 3-star hotel. After a scenic route the mountains were in sight!

Students were excited to get on the slopes and put their indoor ski lessons into practice. The views were incredible and the students had an amazing time. With 4 hours of lessons a day, students came off the slopes with funny stories and lasting memories. At the end of each day, students voted, and a mini awards ceremony took place each evening. Fabio B, Sylvia, Ollie B, and Oscar B won the award for the best crash. The best energy awards went to George W, Jaida S, Oscar B and Harry P and the awards for most improved went to George R, Ethan R, Kacey B and Ethan C.

Each evening, students enjoyed a range of activities including a quiz night, birthday celebrations and traditional Italian Pizza in a local restaurant. Students were able to share many funny stories about their day’s adventures and discussing which mountains they descended. The progress made by the students was incredible and many went from having no mountain experience to going down red and black runs by their fourth day.

Everyone demonstrated so much resilience and  determination to make the most out of the experience, with one student summarising the trip as one of the greatest moments of his life!

Miss Gransden, PE Department

Post by Angela