Ski Club

Jan 09, 2023




Ski club has had a very successful 4 weeks. In preparation for the Italy Easter Ski trip to Seatriere, students have been having ski lessons in the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. The first group finished their block of lessons last week. In this time all students learned the fundamental techniques for travelling, stopping, and turning. The instructors praised their high abilities who progressed much faster than their usual cohorts.

The second group started their block of lessons on Wednesday and have already progressed onto learning how to turn within their first lesson! With such fast progress, some students are hoping to progress onto the advanced slope for their next lesson.

Students have been thoroughly enjoying the lessons and it’s has been great to see them in a new environment, with a new sense of achievement and challenge.

Ski club lessons continue to take place until the end of February and students continue to countdown the days until they are able to tackle the Italian mountains in the Easter break.

Miss Gransden, PE Department

Post by Angela