Sixth Form Work Experience – A huge success

Sep 23, 2019




Last term the new Year 13 students completed a work experience week in a variety of sectors ranging from local schools, businesses and care homes to city banks and law firms. The importance of such experiences should not be underestimated and feedback from both students and employers suggests the scheme was a huge success.

Students are responsible in the main for identifying and securing their own placements. Developing employability skills starts with students learning how to research, communicate and network with prospective employers and organisations. Although we support those who are struggling to find a placement, our aim is to encourage students to be proactive and take responsibility for themselves. This serves to develop initiative, organisation, communication and perseverance, all important qualities in the world of work.

Many of the references provided by employers have been hugely complimentary. For example, I was able to attend a presentation given by Callum Short, Anthony Ring and Jack Harvey at IKEA in Milton Keynes, reflecting on their experiences at the store. The quality of their presentations and their insights into the business, given to a room of forty senior managers, were simply fantastic. I felt such a strong sense of pride as senior managers confessed to be “amazed by the eloquence, confidence and intelligence displayed by the students at such a young age”.

The prize for the most exotic, ‘long haul’ placements must surely go to Patrick Curran who spent a week in the United States at a Robotics Company and Pele Greenall who worked in Amsterdam at an International Recruitment Agency.

All the students gained a huge amount from the experience. A huge thank-you must go to Mrs Webb who co-ordinated the week and to all those local, national and international companies and businesses who supported our students.

 Mr Downey, Director of Sixth Form

Post by Angela