Sixth Form Sports Festival

Oct 12, 2020




In spite of the current challenges and some very windy weather, the Sixth Form were able to participate in an  exciting Sports Festival on Friday 25th September.

The Sports Festival was to mark National Fitness Day, to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise and improving mental health, giving the whole Sixth Form the opportunity to be outside having fun on a Friday afternoon!

The activities took place on the sports field and involved a range of fun, light-hearted, yet competitive events; Rounders, Football, even Bench ball. The afternoon finished with some fun races and games including wheelbarrow and rock-paper-scissors race in tutor groups.

It was a great opportunity for students in the Sixth Form to bond and to work together as teams – it was very rewarding to see so many of our students encouraging each other and demonstrating the courage to get involved.

Alysia Orbell, Year 13 student, said Keeping a good mental health is very important for young people but often quite hard to do with pressures from exams, social media, home life etc. so exercise is a good way to take a break from this and also improve physical health too. I found after playing a couple of games of bench ball that I definitely felt better and happier. Although I was tired I still felt good about myself for completing a good amount of exercise.”

 Miss Davies, Head of Year 12

Post by Angela