Sixth Form Sports Activators

May 24, 2021




Being a Sports Activator is an extremely rewarding experience. We started back in December when we had to send in our applications and explain why we wanted to be a part of the programme. In January we had online interviews (as we were in lockdown) with Mrs Ward from the Sports Partnership in the hope we would be accepted onto the programme thankfully we all made it!  After this we all started to design our kits and we had complete say on what we wanted.

From mid-January our virtual training began. In the first session we learnt what it meant to be a Sports Activator, the 2nd session was Understanding your Participants, 3rd session was Planning and Leading sessions and the 4th session was Philosophy and Ethics. There were other students from across Bedfordshire on the course with us and the tutor; it was exciting to see that we are part of a bigger programme. Some students have gone on to attend a UK Coaching Safeguarding Course and have taken on jobs coaching.

After the training we had a meeting to discuss how we would deliver our sessions at school and decide what sports we would do. At that time we were still working in bubbles, so the best option was for us to utilise our Sixth Form PE enrichment sessions. One of our favourite things about the programme is that we have complete control over everything we plan. We got to pick our kits, the sessions, plus we get free training and qualifications along the way.

Now we can mix with other year groups we can lead and interact with all ages while forming friendships with all the girls that attend our sessions. We would recommend this experience to anyone thinking about it – you don’t have to be sporty, just friendly and organised. Next year we are really looking   forward to building on these connections and hoping many more girls will join in, as Girls Club on a Friday night is showing to be really popular.

Written by the Year 12 Sports Activators

Post by Angela