Science Evening

Sep 23, 2019




The Vandyke Science Department hosted their annual   science presentation evening on Monday 15th July. This event original started out in 2015 by the A Level Biology team to display and communicate their findings on an ecological research task. Over the years this event has grown to also include detailed work from students studying A Level Chemistry and Physics. This year our Sixth Form students continued to provide an outstanding display of research with topics including: ‘The use of bioluminescence in science’, ‘The material structure and uses of carbon nanotubes in industry’, ‘The study of women in clinical trials’, ‘The chemistry behind the production of Aspirin’ and ‘The potential link of diverse microorganisms in the gut and mental health’.

For the first time, Sixth Form students were also joined by a celebration of work from lower school students with fantastic examples from Year 10, Year 11 and the Year 9 afterschool science class. Work displayed covered a vast variety of scientific areas but included projects investigating: ‘The types of nutrients in food’, ‘Testing the strength of materials’, ‘Calculating the resistance of a wire’ and ‘I-V characteristics of a filament bulb’.

It was great to see so many guests there on the night and hearing the discussions being had with students over the rich variety of science on display. The science department wish to extend their thanks to all students who presented work on the night and to all those guests who attended over the course of the evening.

Mrs Davies

Post by Angela