School Expansion

Oct 07, 2019




Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) has requested that as a popular and successful school, Vandyke create additional capacity for students as the town grows and more families move into the area.  We are pleased to accept this invitation and CBC has provided the school with the funding for this development.

School governors have appointed AMR Consult to work with us in delivering the scheme. After a tendering exercise the school has now appointed Morgan Sindall as the main contractor. A planning application has been submitted to CBC, with start on site targeted for early 2020 and project completion in August 2020. The relatively short construction period will be achieved through the use of off-site manufacturing which also has environmental benefits.

The project will increase school capacity from 1200 to 1450 places as an upper school and will be equally suitable were the decision to be made in the future for Vandyke to become a secondary school. As well as expanding the school to 360 students per year group, the project will add new facilities, enhance existing facilities and improve the site as a whole.

This is an exciting development with the potential to enhance students’ experience of the school and opportunity to improve their learning facilities.

The expansion scheme will include a mixture of new build and refurbishment works and aims to deliver the below:

  • A new three-storey block alongside the existing sports hall with 12 science labs, 10 maths classrooms and a Sixth Form centre.
  • The existing science labs will be fully refurbished into general classrooms, including new Design Technology, Media and ICT rooms.
  • The existing Sixth Form area will be re-modelled to provide an enlarged café and social space for students.
  • The existing “maths village” will be demolished leaving a landscaped area of additional social space for students to enjoy at break and lunch-times.
  • A new hard play area will be created at the east of the school site.
  • The existing bike sheds will be demolished and re-located improving traffic flow for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Mr Carroll

Post by Angela