School Christmas Card by Elizabeth Egginton

Dec 10, 2019




This year’s Vandyke Christmas card was designed by Year 11 Art student, Elizabeth Egginton. It is from her project on folk art. It’s been really interesting to watch her make several versions of this design. These works complement her final piece, which is a free-standing tree decorated with clay and paper motifs from several world cultures, assembled with great care and detail.

Lizzie explains how she made it: I began by collaging my own birds from textured paper and after scanning them into Photoshop I created different coloured versions of the same design. I then printed them in different sizes and stuck them onto the stencilled trees I had made on paper. The whole design is based on the Mexican folk art ‘tree of life’ which celebrates life and wonderful things which I think is a great message for Christmas time.”

 Mr Bennett, Team Leader of Art

Post by Angela