School Christmas Card Design by Amy Turnbull, Year 10 Student

Dec 15, 2020




Photography students were briefed to create a Christmassy photograph using the skills and techniques they’ve been learning this term. Some students used cut-out viewfinders to frame compositions in interesting ways, others experimented with layers and cookie-cutter shapes in Photoshop, and others, like Amy Turnbull in Year 10, created arrangements of objects to photograph and refine on the computer. Amy’s design continues the tradition of warm, colourful and abstract images that make our Christmas cards so unique.

Amy said this about her design: “With the theme of Christmas in mind I gathered gold and blue tinsel and placed it as a background. In previous lessons I learnt about complementary colours so I found a slice of dried citrus fruit to bring the complementary pair of blue and orange together as the main focus of the photo.  I refined the photograph in Photoshop by adjusting the hue and saturation to bring a warm tone to the gold tinsel. Overall I think this is a very Christmassy and festive photograph.” 

 Mr Bennett, Team Leader of Art & Photography

Post by Angela