Remembrance at Vandyke

Nov 27, 2017




Remembrance at Vandyke

Why is it so important to remember? For many  people in the UK – especially those under the age of 30 – it is difficult to conceptualise living in a country ‘at war’ – World War One and Two seem firmly  rooted in the era of grandparents and great-grandparents. Yet there have been innumerable smaller conflicts in-between then and now, and people of the current generation have been hearing all about the war on terrorism that has been going on for many years. It is essential to remember those lost in these bouts of violence, “lest we forget”. It would seem that many people have forgotten, because armed conflict still continues across the world.

The Remembrance Assembly this year focused on why it is vital to remember – to take part in the millennia-old human tradition of paying respect to the dead. It also highlighted the importance of remembering that there are men and women who continue to risk their lives to defend us today.

Two Vandyke Sixth Form students, Catherine Daly and Christopher Heale, gave readings at the annual Remembrance ceremony at the Leighton Buzzard cenotaph, while Year 9 students Jack Barchard, Theo Quick, Kara Weygood-Beasley, Sam Wilkins and Danielle Casey attended to represent the school and pay their respects.

As citizens of a peaceful land in a world of turmoil, we need to be thankful for the sacrifices made on our behalf, and we need to remember them so that those sacrifices have not been made in vain.

Mrs Akers-Jarvis

History Department


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