Dec 10, 2019




This year, the Vandyke history department raised money for the Royal British Legion. 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings, which was the most important campaign to help end the Second World War.

The team’s assemblies focused on the importance of the British Legion in helping individuals and families recoveries after war, by telling different personal stories. Mr Bodo’s Great Uncle Cyril fought in Singapore in the Second World War and experienced horrors in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp. Here he was made to work as a slave and experienced a similar experience to that of a Concentration Camp. Cyril barely survived and would not have without the instrumental work of the Royal British Legion who aided his physical and mental recovery in the months and years after his release.

Mr Cooksey told a personal story of an ex student of his, Mark Burch. He served in the army in Afghanistan and lost his life while serving. Mr Cooksey reflected on the importance of the charity in helping Mark’s family recover as much as was possible in the weeks and months after his death.

A selection of students from Year 13 and Year 9 also visited the local cenotaph in commemoration and remembrance of those that sacrificed their lives. All Vandyke students were immaculate in their observation of assemblies and the minute’s silence held on the Friday before Remembrance Sunday. As a school we raised £204.19. Well done to all who donated.

 Mr Bodo, History Department

Post by Angela