Public Services students visit Aylesbury College

Feb 08, 2024




Public Services students visit Aylesbury College

Our Y10 Public Services students recently paid a visit to Aylesbury College. The key aim of the trip was to study the importance of the National Health Service (The NHS) within the UK, and to practice elements of first aid.

The day started with pupils getting into small groups and using equipment and heavy weighted vests to simulate living as an older person in their late 80s. A variety of goggles were also used to replicate common eye problems such as cataracts and glaucoma. Students had to wear these items and rely on partners to direct them through a series of settings such as a bathroom, living room, and hospital bed.

After lunch, students looked at several ways to spot signs of choking, if someone was unconscious, and how to use defibrillators on dummies who were experiencing cardiac arrests. Finally, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was practiced on the dummies – using a number of top hits of from 90’s in order to maintain the correct speed for each individual compression!

Students will have the chance to practice this skill again in Y11 during their RTC (Road Traffic Collision) scenario. Overall, it was a fantastic day and was enjoyed by all!








Post by Vicky Hunt