Physiotherapist, Paul Collins, talks to Sixth Form PE Students

Oct 11, 2021




We were fortunate enough to be visited by Paul Collins from PC physio who told us about his experience and journey through his career so far.

He told us about his experiences in the field and how he  developed himself and his profession.  We were told about the struggles of finding work after university and how he overcame them. He explained the importance of goal setting and working hard to achieve what you want. We learnt a lot about the physiotherapy field, relevant courses and subjects for physiotherapy to help us succeed, but also what kind of work we should look for and what to expect in our first jobs. We found it very helpful and enjoyed listening to how we could develop ourselves and our future options in Physiotherapy and sport.

Luella Worrall & Katie Smith, Year 12 A-level PE students 

Post by Angela