Pancake party celebrates house point achievements

Nov 16, 2023




Pancake party celebrates house point achievements

We had an exciting morning to celebrate the top house point achievers of the term so far. In total, we had 120 students join the pancake party, representing the top 5 students in each of their respective houses across years 9,10 and 11, in recognition of their hard work.

Students arrived at school as usual and were directed to the cafe for their party instead of their usual tutor lesson. They were greeted by stacks of pancakes, toppings, music, balloons, decorations, and even a party hat! Students had a wonderful morning and enjoyed the relaxed and chatty atmosphere where Mr Carroll was also there to congratulate them for their exceptional efforts.

House points are awarded for excellent homework, excellent classwork and extra-curricular participation. The pancake party will be taking place again at the end of term. The totals will also reset to give everyone the opportunity to compete for space to be in the top spot. House points will be totalled from 30/10/23 until the end of term.  Will you be on the guest list?



Post by Vicky Hunt