Macbeth performance & workshop by Box Clever Theatre Company

Mar 28, 2022




On the 7th and 8th March, the English department were pleased to welcome back theatre company Box Clever, as they performed their adaptation of Macbeth for students in Years 10 and 11.

This was a wonderful opportunity to see the play live, and for some enthusiastic individuals to participate in key scenes such as the death of Banquo and as a guest at Macbeth’s coronation banquet.

Students embraced the chance to get involved as they responded enthusiastically to calls for volunteers in the follow-up workshop. They had the opportunity to evaluate stage craft and perform key scenes under the guidance of professional actors.

A big thank you to Years 10 and 11 for embracing this opportunity and welcoming our guests so warmly.

Year 9, your invitation to see this performance will be issued shortly. Make sure you sign up!

Miss Leeves, English Department

Post by Angela