Loughborough University – Girls Active Coaches Camp

May 20, 2019




On 5th April, Isabelle Thyer and I attended a three day residential ‘Girls Active Coaches Camp’ which is in collaboration with Youth Sport Trust. We were given this opportunity through our leadership course when we attended the University of Bedfordshire for a girls’ coaches session, where three girls were chosen to go to Loughborough University and develop our coaching skills. The university had such a welcoming atmosphere and we were joined with 150 other girls eager to develop their coaching skills. The 3 day camp was filled with excellent sporting opportunities, including netball, Thai boxing and pilates, followed up by a numerous amount of keynote speakers, including Mel Marshall inspiring us to be better coaches. In addition, the camp gave us an opportunity to meet an encouraging amount of girls who proved that sport doesn’t have to be competitive, it just has to be a bit of fun.

Overall, the camp was such a rewarding experience and has helped us gain confidence and really emphasised the importance of sport and its outcome. We are so thankful to Youth Sport Trust for giving us this opportunity so we can now help inactive girls enjoy sport and just have fun.

Leah Sibley, Year 11 Student & Girls Active Coach

Post by Angela