Loughborough Engineering Experience

May 20, 2019




After taking part in the Penrose Engineering residential last July, I was given the opportunity to apply for a different Engineering Experience at the university taking place this April. I was lucky enough to be one of the 120 students offered a place.

The two-day experience consisted of three different sessions in different disciplines of engineering that I had an interest in; for me these were electrical, mechanical and aeronautical engineering. It was extremely useful to be able to see the various opportunities available if I was to go down this route and I learned about all the diverse possibilities in an engineering career. Industry sessions were also available to me, where people from companies involved with Loughborough university spoke about their experiences with higher education as well as their careers and emphasised the importance of STEM graduates for the developments of these big companies.

The most valuable part of this experience was the chance to meet like-minded people with similar interests to me, as well as having to be confident in meeting a completely new group of people. Despite me still being undecided on the career path I want to choose, this was still an invaluable experience as I got a better understanding of the university experience and met some incredible people.

Nicole Cameron, Year 12 student

Post by Angela